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Treppenwitz ** Glenbuchat Hall ** Oct 18 
Louise Profeit-LeBlanc **  Oct 25
Mishra ** Glenbuchat Hall ** Nov 23
An Eclectic Mapping ** Glenbuchat Bothy ** Nov 28 (details to follow soon !)
* Lizabett Russo and Graeme Stephen**  Glenbuchat Hall ** 7 Dec

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T R E P P E N W I T Z 
Glenbuchat Hall, October 18,  2019

£12 / 7.30pm / BYOB

Treppenwitz is the meeting of three musicians: pianist Matthew Aplin (Mansion of Snakes, KOG and the Zongo Brigade), bassist Tom Riviere (Family Band) and drummer/LCoM lecturer Steve Hanley (Jamie Taylor, Svarc Trio, Richard Iles).

The central philosophy is that the world of sound is interconnected, and different strains of music represent outgrowths from the same seed. Explorative passages of beauty and space sit comfortably alongside explosive bursts of freedom, held together by the connective tissue of improvisation. Compositions are written by the members, with something open-ended deliberately in mind; the shapes and contours of the music develop organically, different every time, always seeking. 

In 2018, they were selected for Jazz North’s Northern line touring support scheme. Subsequently they toured the UK extensively, completing 25 dates in total. 

Their sophomore album, The Kennedys at Beaver Point, was released by New Jazz Records in January 2019. CDs and digital download available at: ​
A third album awaits release later in 2019. 



Friday 25th Oct 11am-2pm

Louise Profeit-LeBlanc

Towie Graveyard and Glenbuchat Bothy

Storyteller from the Nacho Nyak Dän First Nation in the Yukon, Canada and part of

11.00am at Towie Grave Yard - Honouring My Ancestors - join Louise Profeit-LeBlanc, storyteller from the Nacho Nyak Dän First Nation in the Yukon, Canada as she performs a traditional ceremony to honour her Scottish ancestors.

12noon-2.00pm at Glenbuchat Bothy - Soup and Stories with Louise who was nurtured by the traditional stories of her grandmother and has dedicated her life to collect stories by many more elders in the northern Yukon. Let her share this treasure with you, while she takes you to the outskirts of the Arctic Circle.

Free event open to all



Glenbuchat Hall 

Nov 23

Mishra are a global folk outfit gathering momentum on the UK scene. With strong roots in U.K folk, they weave a tight web of intricate, Indian-influenced original music that defies definition and is already bringing them awards recognition from just under two years of performing.

 Led by Kate Griffin’s voice and inimitable clawhammer banjo and driven by Ford Collier’s continent-hopping instrumental skills (Indian tabla, African calabash, Irish whistle and guitar), they won Cambridge Folk Festival’s first ever Christian Raphael prize and in separate projects were both shortlisted for the 2018 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards. 

Both already accomplished folk musicians (The Drystones and The Unsung Roots) 2018 saw them play Sidmouth Folk Week, Cambridge Folk Festival, Priddy Folk Festival and many more. Until 2019, Mishra performed as a duo under the name Kate Griffin and Ford Collier; their sound has now been further underpinned by the addition of versatile jazz-folk double-bassist and bouzouki player Joss Mann-Hazell. 

Mishra’s debut album is set for release in November 2019, and will feature accomplished tabla player John Ball, whose contribution allows a full band sound on live-in-the-room analogue recordings of their uniquely accessible Indo-folk. 

“Kate's a very talented banjo player – the instrument virtually an extension of her!” -David O Hara, Cambridge Folk Festival 

“Incredibly executed folk” -Christian Carlisle, BBC Radio Sheffield 

Cover of Scarlet Town by Gillian Welch: 

Angeline the Baker - Full Trio Live @ Beverly Folk Festival:

Original piece ‘Taru Taru’:



Lizabett Russo and Graeme Stephen

Glenbuchat Hall

Sat 7 Dec 

7. 30pm/£10/BYOB

"Scotland-based singer-songwriter Lizabett Russo merges her native traditions with elements of contemporary jazz, avant garde folk and world music, a range of influence effortlessly spanned by her powerfully versatile voice. The BBC have championed her work - featuring on both BBC Radio 3 and Radio 6 as well as the BBC stage at Latitude Festival. She has also toured extensively around Europe and Asia.

Musically Russo's influences are wide ranging. Echoes of her native Romania are beautifully interwoven with avant garde folk, contemporary jazz and world music. Her humble stage persona belies a talent which has drawn comparisons with the likes of Joanna Newsome and even Bjork!

Lizabett will be accompanied by the award-winning jazz guitarist Graeme Stephen. Today he leads and contributes to a multitude of musical projects in Scotland and overseas, playing a wide array of styles from free improvised jazz to Scottish folk. Stephen's peerless improvisational skills and talent for composition make him one of Scotland's most exciting and prodigious musical talents.

"This is simply world-class work, by any standard" - Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6"

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