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John Bolland

Thur 25 Apr 2019

F A L L E N   S T O C K


Join us in Glenbuchat bothy on 25th April for the Dee & Donside launch of

 John Bolland's debut collection - Fallen Stock. 

Soup and refreshments available. 

The event is free and all are welcome.


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John is originally from Paisley but has based himself in the North East of Scotland for most of the last four decades. His debut collection explores a world of fierce, open hearted persistence in the face of the challenges, compromises and disappointments of daily life—in oil fields and sheep walks, on shooting estates and crofts, on ice floes and in drinking dens. The poems, like folk-tales, capture essential truths in a web of anecdote, wry-humour and dialect, relating experiences of the past and present in a voice that rejects easy nostalgia or pastoral fantasy.

‘Deftly traversing various styles and dialects, Fallen Stock richly depicts working life in the north-east of Scotland. These pieces speak from the seams between nature and industry, present and past, with an unflinching commitment to portraying reality in all of its rough complexity.’

—Katie Ailes

‘Fallen Stock is a joy to read. Bolland is a witty story-teller with a penchant for mixing the absurd with the sublime. His poems are full of anecdotes, memories, and striking snippets of dialogue which are woven together with great effect.’

—Maria Apicella

‘Urgent, sensual poems. Lost voices plucked from winter winds. In Fallen Stock John Bolland takes us from the bone crushing cold of North Sea Oilfields to Guatemalan drinking dens. He taps a well of lyric clarity and delivers from it essential truths. A vital and original collection.’

—Christie Williamson

Further detail of John's work can be found at



The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

Glenbuchat Hall

Sat 11 May 2019

7.30pm / £12 / BYOB

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The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc’ comprise three master fiddle players from three different and very distinctive Nordic country’s / regions. Kevin Henderson (Fiddlers’ Bid, Boys of the Lough’ and ‘Session A9) hails from Shetland; Olav Luksengard Mjelva is an award winning fiddle player from Norway and Anders Hall is an acclaimed exponent of the Swedish fiddle tradition.

Combined as ‘The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc’ they skilfully weave the many components of their three musical cultures and traditions together in a hugely atmospheric and dynamic fashion, all laced through with liberal helpings of humour for good measure.

Any lover of great quality fiddle music and playing should not miss ‘The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc’ in concert. 2019 will see the band celebrating their 10th anniversary, while a number of special shows are planned with this in mind. 

"This trio are endlessly varied, powerful and beautiful.....a shimmering display of accurately pitched, highly skilled musical accomplishment" – The Scotsman

Arthur Coates (support) is no stranger to Glenbuchat audiences as a young and talented local fiddle and guitar player, with a vibrant lively style. He has played Glenbuchat before with his bands the Rowies, and Tolquhon. Tolquhon also opened for NFB at the North Atlantic Fiddle Fest last summer in Aberdeen.
 Arthur also works closely with and is mentored by the Old Blind Dogs co-founder Jonny Hardie.


Steve Garrett

Guitar Discovery

Glenbuchat Bothy

Fri 21 Jun  2019

7.30pm / £10 / BYOB

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Discover new solo guitar music inspired by stories and experiences of landscape, exploration and human endurance featured on Steve's 2019 release 'Discover and Endure'. Preview of 2019 Edinburgh Fringe show. Blends jazz, folk, rock and classical genres – serene, haunting and hypnotic. Accompanied by a narrative with sources including Antarctic expeditions, Gustav Holst, Padruig Mor MacCrimmon, Nan Shepherd and Robert Burns.

'The notes being played hang in the air like butterflies caught on an updraft but whose own elegance and perfect sense of balance allows them to defy being swept away' 


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